Grammy's Farm

20 W. Michigan Dr., Tucson, AZ 85714

Current practices and Amenities:

Solar applications, Sun Oven, vermiculture/composting, Chicken Palace (coop), Ancona heirloom ducks, Nigerian dwarf milk goats, walk-in aviary (with parakeets, cockatiels, Coutrix quail), biological shredders (gerbils), bicycles/e-bike, recycling, re-purposing, patio/outdoor furniture, 20' x 30' workshop, one-bedroom home, paved and covered work/play area, security/fencing, WiFi Internet/cable TV, lending library, incubator, trellis walkway, astromomical telescope, 6' block wall perimeter fencing, temporary bunkhouse in workshop, cable TV and DVD players in farmhouse bedroom and living room.