Mission Posible

Why Grammy's Farm?

Grammy's urban micro-farm is an experiment station within the city limits of Tucson, AZ. It serves to test, evaluate, implement, and document appropriate traditional and visionary technology that enables people to live the good life without laying waste to the planet. Learn something and teach something every day, sharing information via articles, e-books and websites to promote the practice of global sustainable living achievable by all with a special focus on enabling the sub-wealthy to live well without conspicuous consumption.

Grammy's Farm is in the southern part of the city where the uppity rich people don't build their McMansions. The neighborhood (barrio) is mixed but the dominate culture is that of the original settlers of Tucson before English became the official language (after the USA took possession in 1848 following the Mexican-American War). The Tohono O'odham Nation, a federally-recognized tribe that includes approximately 28,000 members, has such lands as were ceded to them nearby who offer another source of traditional knowledge that has been proven to work as the centuries pass.

Grammy's Farm seeks to combine old and new cultural practices: those that work and can continue to work when the incoming semi-trucks full of food become few. It takes energy to run a farm. Fossil fuels will not always be abundent. Knowing how to farm without them may become a matter of life and death. Learning from those who have liveed without them may be worth doing—as well as adapting cutting-edge technology (for solar cooking, heating, cooling, electric) from evidence-based practice. The University of Arizona, about 5 miles away, which includes a School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is a hotbed of research and know-how that is also worth considering.

Grammy's Farm is associated with (married to) SolTech Designs.


About us:

we are a semi-retired RN couple. Our interests include pets, small livestock, gardening, literature, science, religion (except organized), low-footprint living, sailing, e-biking, astronomy, gatherings, solar everything, and a wide variety of sustainable practices.