Projects and Chores

Things to Do

Assist with Daily Chores

Morning Noon Evening
Clean water bowls, refill Check drip systems Feed chickens/ducks
Feed chickens/ducks/birds Refill water dishes Feed goats
Feed goats, dogs, and fish Work on projects Feed dogs
Check incubator Check all critters Feed fish
Compost soiled bedding Perform a weekly chore Check incubator
Rake yard/add to compost Tend to the garden Milk the goat
Check on all small critters Siesta during afternoon heat Collect chicken eggs
Reseed fodder beds Discuss improvement ideas Put critters safely to bed
Milk goats Herd goats to graze weeds

Assist with Weekly Chores, i.e.:

Monday: empty chicken manure bins
Tuesday: local volunteering
Wednesday: rake yard/add to compost
Thursday eve: take trash/recycle bins out to road
Friday: wash down party area
Saturday: clean out all animal pens, move vehicles
Sunday: feed worms, stir compost


Possible Projects or Think of Your Own

Replace chain link dog kennel Insulate workshop
Put corrugated 8x16 roof on kennel Construct 16' x 12' two-story shed
Sort gravel  Construct workshop/bunkhouse
Erect boxed carports and greenhouse Plant and maintain garden areas
Construct duck/koi pond Repair spa motor
Construct fodder growing racks Construct rainwater collection system
Bury worm bin Dig out water garden pond
Set up fountain Friday evening potential party
Saturday petting zoo 8-2 Construct solar panel systems
Saturday potential party Enclose compost area
Sunday potential party Sunday potential class or gathering
Construct Ham radio tower and shack Construct 4x8 feed barn
Construct workshop awning Construct nest boxes
Construct solar kitchen Paint t-posts
Construct aquaculture pond Cement the sidewalk and driveway
Construct rodent free-range area Install solar gate opener



Potential Ways to Earn Money

Growers/craft market Assist with parties
Thrift shop sales Grant writing
Work on remodel Construct SolTech products for resale
Do yard sale Provide party entertainment
Grow for farmer's market, land available