Grammy's Farm

Internship Offerings

Live Aboard Terms:

Whether Wwoofer, Worker on Wheels, Nomad, or just a learner over 18 year of age and younger than 157, openings exist to become a resident do-gooder. Accommodations can be made as needed and the property is shared, so all will get by. Volunteers get to do the interesting stuff while skilled (or hard) labor will be hired out to those in the neighborhood or to residents who can and want to do the work, such as light construction and manufacturing of items developed on site (but only items that work).

Non-paying residents contribute labor/ability/vision as they can, when they can. They need to be largely self-directed and self-motivated as opposed to sit around and wait to be told to do something, told what to do, and exactly how to do it. "Work" happens and along with the amenities should be shared. We are not task masters, not would-be plantation owners, and we will not abide any form of servility. We "own" the property and have to pay taxes to keep from being forcibly evicted, so we have final say as some asymmetry exists, but Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, are fundamental. We prefer to share with other who have reason to think well of themselves, and that is our offer. Anyone wanting to live on Grammy's Farm is thereby qualified. Details can be worked out, but come on by first. Those who for whatever reason don't 'fit in' can vote with their feet and those who don't fit in and don't know it can be asked, by majority vote, to leave.

Otherwise, we prefer to keep rules to a minimum. On the short list, so far: no substance abuse or other abuse. Be nice to the animals. Basically, we want residents to decide when they have 'done enough' and, yes, that allows for abuse of our good nature. Abusers, however, of any sort are subject to being asked to leave.



Farmhouse rental (when vacant)

$65/day for single occupant, 3-day minimum stay

$425 one week

$975 one month

$2700 13-week travel nurse contract

Can sleep up to 6 adults using double bed, futon sofa/bed and loveseat sofa/recliner

Other options include cots and airbed.

$30 per week each additional person

50% deposit required, refundable with 48 hour cancellation notice

Optional services/fees:

Transportation to or from airport

Personal hygiene items available (shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, combs, toothpaste, deodorant)

In house pets (deposit, cleaning fees apply)



Long-term rates

With a 4-6 month rental contract, 1-3 occupants.

Use of laundry room is included, as are water, sewer, and garbage services.
Other utilities not included but provided at cost are electric, natural gas, and Cox phone/cable/WiFi Internet bundle.

June-November: $550 per month

December-May: $625 per month